Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Punk Sanderson is locked inside Facebook

locks himself in FACEBOOK

In a bizarre feat of online dexterity, Punk Sanderson, creator of The Vicar Chronicles, has locked himself in his FACEBOOK page, ranting about his boss, the enigmatic record producer, The Vicar, and trying to escape.

The Vicar Chronicles - “whodunits about the music industry” - encompass Videoblogs, Novels, Audiobooks, Graphic novels and music, based on the adventures of the mysterious, English record producer, The Vicar - “Sherlock Holmes meets Spinal Tap.” Surreal tales of lip-syncing
singers, concert sabotage, villains with Orange Eyebrows, groupies with ghosts in their bedrooms, and CDs flying out of shops.

The Vicar’s assistant, Punk Sanderson, has been squirreling away writing these stories for seven years. The first Vicar Chronicle - The Mysterious Case of Billy’s G String - was serialized online with about 7,000 readers, but, despite promises from large literary agents, two
more books, three film scripts, a proposed Channel 4 TV show, powerful music managers, album deals... absolutely nothing has happened.

So The Vicar has locked Punk into Facebook, where he will be spending the coming weeks until he has collected 10,000 fans to watch his Videobooks, the first stage in a wider launch this autumn.

Footage of Punk's Facebook lock-in can be seen at or via Youtube at